PTI’s drive against the government

PESHAWAR: Imran Khan has launched a protest movement against the PML-N government from Peshawar, which will be taken to other cities and finally culminate in a big show at Raiwind. Unlike the Islamabad sit-in, this time, other opposition parties like the PPP may also join the PTI in its demonstration against the government.

The inquiry into the Panama Papers has been a long-standing demand of the opposition parties, including the PTI. The government is simply not willing to investigate the revelations about the prime minister’s family in the Panama Papers. On the other hand, the opposition is bent upon investigation into the scandal. This discord may lead to the kind of political crisis that was witnessed when the government refused to make a judicial commission for investigating the alleged rigging during the general elections. At that time, the PTI’s protest lost its vigour due to the sudden withdrawal of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s support and the PPP’s siding with the government. This time, others have shown support to the PTI-led protest. The government will find it very difficult to cope with this situation if it remains stuck to its stubborn attitude of not listening to the grievances of the opposition.

The PML-N should settle the issue amicably with the opposition by agreeing on mutually-accepted terms of reference. A second major protest because of the government’s inflexibility over the terms of reference for a judicial commission may be harmful for stability and democracy in the country.

M Sayyad Alam Khan

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