Against outages: Protests held in Charsadda, Batkhela  

CHARSADDA/BATKHELA: The people in Charsadda blocked the motorway on Monday to protest unscheduled power outages. The protest was led by PTI leaders Sadiq Ahmad and others. They blamed Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) officials for prolonged outages and power theft.

The demonstrators said that on the one hand, Pesco was overbilling consumers and on the other resorting to 20 hours of load-shedding.  They added Pesco officials in Charsadda failed to resolve the power crisis despite repeated protests.

Later, the mob dispersed peacefully after negotiations with the deputy commissioner and other officials.

Meanwhile, women took to the streets against low power voltage and outages in Dheri Julagram, Batkhela. They blocked the link road and shouted slogans against the government, Malakand administration and other authorities concerned.

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