5 ways to make your iPhone more like Android

These five tips will make your iPhone look as if it runs on Android. PHOTO: AFP

These five tips will make your iPhone look as if it runs on Android. PHOTO: AFP

Android and iOS are two major mobile operating software with the former being limited to Apple devices only, whereas the latter made available to all by Google.

The two OS are worlds apart with each performing better in certain aspects than its rival. As such users want to combine the two to get the best of both worlds. However, the different architectures of the operating software make it very difficult to do so. Here is our jab at making an iOS device more like an Android.

1. Change your keyboard

For a long time iPhone users had to bear with the stock iOS keyboard that came with the software. Although the keyboard is reliable and solid, it lacks the level of customisation available with third party keyboards.

Apple added third-party keyboard support for iOS devices with its release of iOS8 in 2014. To make your device look more like Android, add Google’s Gboard keyboard which has the additional feature of Google Search built right into it. Other options include Microsoft’s Word Flow and Swift Key.

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2. Switch over to Google Apps

Change all your apps that have alternatives from Google. Even though the two are competitors, Google still develops apps for iOS that include Google Photos, Chrome, Google Search and of course Google Maps. Some of these apps would arguably perform better than their stock Apple counterparts.

3. Add Widgets

One of the major differences between iOS and Android devices is widgets. Android has had widgets since its inception while iOS lags considerably behind in this department. You can recreate the quick settings menu by adding similar shortcuts to Launcher Pro on your iOS device.  These include shortcuts to Wi-Fi and hotspot settings amongst others.

4. Jailbreak

Though not recommended as jailbreaking your device will void its warranty but at the same time give you a lot more options for customisation that are not available on stock iOS devices. This includes the possibility to install apps from non-Apple sources. Things that you can do after a jailbreak include, the ability to change over to Google’s font, customise the control centre and add the gesture control among many others.

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5. Finally, Get and Android

The fact that you want to your iPhone to be more like an Android device suggests that you are not happy with the level of restrictiveness on it. Switching over to Android would also make more sense then. Furthermore, if you are a power user and iOS hurdles your use try getting an Android based device that would give your a lot more functionality.

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