Suicide or killing? Doctor found dead in hospital’s room  

ABBOTTABAD: A doctor was found dead in a room at a private hospital in Abbottabad. This was said by the police on Wednesday. An official of Mirpur police told journalists Dr Daud, a trainee medical officer at the paediatric ward of Ayub Teaching Hospital left the hospital nearly three days back for his room that he had rented in Musharraf Medical Complex, a private hospital. However, Daud did not return for his duty the following day. He had also not informed his seniors about his absence. The police quoted one of his seniors and complainant, Dr Abdul Manan, as saying that Daud’s family contacted Manan as the former was not receiving their phone calls. According to Manan when they went to the private hospital and broke into Daud’s room, they found him dead. According to the police, it had yet to be confirmed whether Daud committed suicide or was killed.

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