Pak Turk schools deny sacking principals

ISLAMABAD: Pak Turk schools on Wednesday refuted claims of the removal of principals from a number of its branches terming it ‘routine transfers’.

The media had earlier reported that the school management had removed principals, mostly Turkish nationals, of 28 schools and colleges while also dissolving the Board of Directors (BoD).

However, Alamgir Khan, member of the board of directors, denied the claims and said that the management had not received any such notification from the government.

“Transfers from one city to another are a routine matter. This is an internal exercise and not a single principal was removed or sacked from the schools,” Khan told The Express Tribune.

According to the official, the media misreported that the BoD was dissolved. “I’m a member of the BoD which is still functional and will continue to function,” he added.

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