Shamoon Abbasi to launch’ Pakistan’s first’ social media film series

Qassab is first of the six short film series called 6dapack. PHOTO: FILE

Qassab is first of the six short film series called 6dapack. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Actor-director Shamoon Abbasi is set to release a series of six short films called 6dapack on social media. The low-budget series of indie shorts aims to introduce fresh talent to the market. It will debut on social media with the 13-minute long Qassab, a film based on true events, which will be an ode to the tragic loss of lives in Balochistan.

With the non-profit project exclusively produced for social media, Abbasi aims to test an alternate release medium for Pakistani films. “We don’t need a budget of millions to make a film anymore. I’ve been in the industry for more than two decades and I see people spending unnecessary money to film scenes which can be shot with minimum resources and people. What I am trying to do is tell everyone that we don’t need a lot of money to make quality films,” he said adding that financial gain is not his intention with this project.

Abbasi also referred to festivals where films solely shot on iPhones are screened and awarded. “The idea is to make the stories strong enough to carry the message. Look at Iranian cinema, for example. They shoot in the streets and locations easily available but their stories and performances are so strong, they stay with you long after you have finished watching the films. We have all kinds of technology available, yet name one film which has made an impact on you.”

Sherry Shah serves as the story writer and producer, while Abbasi handled direction, cinematography and editing of the series. “The whole idea is to reach out to viewers,” he explained. “At times, people go to cinemas and return disappointed. Therefore, this is a gift to everyone, which we hope entertains the audience and they come back for more.”

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