Question hour: Secretarial absenteeism invites NA speaker’s ire

Ayaz Sadiq warns top bureaucrates of action. PHOTO: FILE

Ayaz Sadiq warns top bureaucrates of action. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: A chronic secretarial absenteeism in parliament ruffled some feathers in the National Assembly on Thursday, with the speaker conveying indignant rage over the matter.

When a question about the ministry of finance popped up, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq asked if the secretary concerned was present in the parliament house. He directed the staff to ask him to come to the house but he appeared in the gallery after 40 minutes.

In the meantime, another question concerning the ministry of foreign affairs was asked and Sadiq again inquired if the secretary was present or not. The secretary concerned was also found absent from the house. Sadiq again directed the staff to order the secretary to reach the house.

Then was the turn of the secretary of the ministry of education who was also found absent from the house and a section officer present in place of him was asked to leave the auditorium and summon the secretary.

Sadiq got incensed when an additional secretary from the Foreign Office appeared in place of the secretary. The speaker asked lawmakers to welcome him by thumping desks.

“The house can be set up whenever you want and whatever is convenient for you,” the speaker said sarcastically.

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