Mob rule: To secure release of youth, PML-N workers trash police station

Hanif Abbasi claims boys booked for wheeling were innocent, accuses cops. PHOTO: FILE

Hanif Abbasi claims boys booked for wheeling were innocent, accuses cops. PHOTO: FILE

RAWALPINDI: Local leaders of the ruling PML-N including Metro Bus Project Chairman Muhammad Hanif Abbasi were among 400 party workers who allegedly attacked New Town police on Wednesday night after a traffic warden arrested three boys for wheeling on 6th Road.

Hanif Abbasi later claimed that PML-N workers did not attack the police or break glass doors and chairs inside.

At about 1130 pm on Wednesday night, traffic wardens on 6th Road arrested three boys for wheeling and brought them to the police station for booking.

The boys were arrested outside a marriage hall on the 6th Road, where local PML-N leaders were holding a youth convention and a large number of party workers were gathered.

Sources and witnesses told The Express Tribune that the PML-N workers threw stones at the police and smashed furniture in the FIR room of the police station. The workers wanted the boys to be released immediately. The party workers also allegedly thrashed some policemen who were on security duty at the youth convention.

The New Town police released the boys after obtaining personal bonds. The PML-N workers remained in and outside the police station till 3am.

A police officer, on condition of anonymity, said that Abbasi, a former PML-N MNA, got infuriated after SHO Asghar Chandio told him that the police had registered a case against the rash drivers and he could not release them. After his call, Abbasi, and former MNAs Shakeel Awan and Haji Pervaiz Khan, and former MPA Ziaullah Shah went to the police station with hundreds of party workers.

Abbasi refuted allegations that PML-N workers attacked the police station. He said that the police had arrested three innocent party workers and he wanted them released. Abbasi claimed that the SHO refused to release the boys, and then, with other policemen proceeded to ransack the front desk room of the police station to create a bad name for his party.

Criticizing CPO Israr Ahmed Abbasi, the former PML-N MNA said that the CPO had appointed a police officer with a bad record as SHO.

Following the incident, the CPO transferred SHO Chandio to police lines, but did not suspend him. He directed the City Division SP to hold an inquiry into who actually trashed the police station.

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