Hundreds ignore hit-and-run victim dying on New Delhi road

An accident victim bled to death on a road in Delhi. Hundreds ignored him. PHOTO: NDTV

An accident victim bled to death on a road in Delhi. Hundreds ignored him. PHOTO: NDTV

A CCTV footage showing a man being knocked in the air and left on the road to die after an accident in New Delhi has gone viral.

The footage shows 36-year-old Matibool being hit by a milk delivery man. The delivery man can be seen getting out of his vehicle after hitting Matibool and after seeing his crumpled body, he then drives away. Police have now detained the driver and he is now being questioned.

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Matibool, an e-rickshaw driver, lay bleeding on the road in west Delhi’s Subhash Nagar for over an hour on Wednesday morning. No one tried to help and the one man who did stop is seen stealing the victim’s phone.

In the 30 minutes that it took for a friend to spot Matibool and run for help, according to NDTV, 140 cars, 82 three-wheelers, 181 bikers and 45 pedestrians passed the dying man without helping. Among them was a police van that responds to emergencies. By the time policemen took him to a hospital just half a km away, he had died.

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Matibool was a father of four who worked two jobs. At the time of his accident, he was on his way home around 5:40am after an overnight shift when the three-wheeler, speeding on the deserted road, rammed him. He hit a pole and collapsed.

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A team of policemen arrived around 7:00am and took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, Matibool had already died of excessive bleeding, doctors confirmed. According to NDTV, Matibool came to New Delhi from Bengal 10 years ago, drove an e-rickshaw in the day and worked as a watchman at night. He has two sons and two daughters.

“He used to walk by this spot everyday on his way home, and stop for a cup of tea,” said one shop owner who knew him. The police are now looking for the man who stole Matibool’s mobile. He has not been identified yet.

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