Kate Middleton looks exactly like this Olympic athlete

Long lost twins, perhaps?

Long lost twins, perhaps? PHOTO: FILE

It looks like Rio is the home of doppelgängers. After spotting Leonardo DiCaprio’s look-alike in Olympian Brady Ellison, another has been found for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, who is the first person in the history of cycling to hold the world road title, is breaking the internet due to her uncanny resemblance with Kate Middleton.

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Yes, the Royal Highness looks like a 24-year-old French cyclist.

Kate Middleton. PHOTO:AFP

Although the royal look-alike is 10 years younger than the Duchess, she looks like her long lost twin.

Pauline Ferrand Prevot. PHOTO: MEDIAS.LEQUIPE.FR

They even share the same dimple!


This isn’t the first time there’s been a Kate Middleton look-alike. Previously, Heidi Agan, 34, quit her job as a waitress to work as a Duchess of Cambridge look-alike.

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