Go green this Independence Day with Pakistan Selfie app

The app uses facial recognition software and works only on human face.

The app uses facial recognition software and works only on human face.

Independence Day is just around the corner and people are already excited, decorating their homes and vehicles as well as donning badges of the Pakistani flag. Some even like to change their profile pictures to demonstrate their love for the country.

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Every year, cashing in on the Independence Day fervour, software and app developers create apps to help people create pictures to share on their social accounts with flag colours or flag patterns. Even this year, a software firm, FaceArt, has released an app which allows you to put Pakistani flag filters on your picture.

The app, called Pakistan Selfie, gives you an option to select from five flag filters. They vary from a complete flag on the face, on your forehead or on your cheeks. You can either take a new selfie with the app or choose an already existing photo from the gallery to apply the filter.

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The app works only on human faces and if you try to use the filter on anything besides that, it simply won’t work.

Interestingly, the company, in an attempt to cash in the Independence fervour to the max, also released a similar app called India Selfie aimed at its Indian audience. Everything is same in both the apps, only difference is that in India Selfie the filters are of the Indian flag.

The app is available on both iOS and Android

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