Long-standing issue amplified by tanker operators

Water shortage in Airport Housing Society irks residents. PHOTO: FILE

Water shortage in Airport Housing Society irks residents. PHOTO: FILE

RAWALPINDI: Despite citizens protests and continual complaints to the authorities, there was no respite in the water shortage crisis in the Airport Housing Society.

The dilemma which first emerged in 2013 forced citizens to stage protests on the streets, to lodge their remonstration.

Notwithstanding, the situation has deteriorated-with each passing day.

Ansa, a resident, expressed her view on the dire state of affairs by stating that there are times where we are not provided water for up to three to four days.

Amplifying her hopelessness, she said that migration seemed to be the ultimate solution as nothing could be done for several years to address the issue.

Muhammad Aslam, another resident, said, “It was quite unfortunate that the authorities could not come up with a solution to the long-standing issue and residents have to look for expensive alternative sources to satisfy their needs”.

Moreover, no authority is ready to take responsibility, in addition to, a conflict of domain prevails, he added.

Zarina Begum, a resident, 70, said she had never imagined in her youth that her family would have to purchase a water tanker for Rs 2000 to meet basic water needs.

Quratul-Ain Akram , a student, said that if there was no panacea, the authorities must rein in the tanker operators to provide water on warranted prices.

The spokesperson of Water and sanitation Authority (WASA) Muhammad Umer commenting on the issue said, “This area does not fall under our jurisdiction.

Umer further added that the housing society was solely responsible for providing water to the residents.

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