Virender Sehwag trolls Shoaib Akhtar on birthday



Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag, who has a knack for trolling former Pakistani cricketers on twitter, is back and this time former pacer Shoaib Akhtar is the butt of his jokes.

On Saturday, Sehwag took to Twitter and posted a birthday message for Shoaib.

Sehwag sends birthday wishes to Pakistan veteran

His birthday wish was followed by a message for his fans to wish the former speedster a happy birthday and he had also attached a funny video with it.

In his tweet, he asked his fans to wish Shoaib a happy birthday using #ShoaibKiBirthdayViruKiParty. Also, he told his fans to not troll him too much.

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The reaction from the Indians was obvious as they took the lead from the right-hand batsman and started sending troll messages to Shoaib.

Meanwhile, the most important part of the story was the discussion on #BaapBaapHotaHai which refers to an incident where Sehwag, in an award show, told Shahrukh Khan that he was batting near a score of 200 and Shoaib started bowling bouncers to him. This is what Sehwag said happened later.

However, a little digging after the video went viral showed that in the Test match at Multan in 2004, to which Sehwag was referring, Sachin Tendulkar never hit a six. Here is the scorecard to prove that.

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Meanwhile, Sehwag has been on a score of near or past 200 on four occasions in Tests against Pakistan (309 in Multan, 173 in Mohali, 201 in Bangalore and 254 in Lahore) and on two ocassions Shoaib was not even a part of the team. On one ocassion, Sachin did not come in to bat and on the last ocassion, the Multan Test, the scorecard above shows that the Little Master did not hit any maximum.

Also, if we see Sehwag’s ODI record, he hasn’t been on or near a score of 200 on any ocassion against Pakistan. Meanwhile, during his two centuries against Pakistan (108 in Kochi and 119 in Karachi), Sachin got out for a score of four in one and in the other match he was not in the team.

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So, Indians are trolling Shoaib based on a fib told by Sehwag?

Meanwhile, there is one Pakistani fans who replied to Sehwag’s tweets with this.

Does this sum up the #WhoIsTheBaap debate Sehwag?

Meanwhile, this is what Shoaib posted to thank his fans for wishing him his 41st birthday.

We love you Shoaib; today, tomorrow and forever!

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