Ahead of Independence Day, neurosurgeons have a special message for bike riders



Doctors at the neurosurgery department of District Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi have shared a special public service message for bike riders, ahead of Independence Day, when many take to the streets to celebrate.

In a video, shared on their Facebook page called ‘Wear helmet save your life’, Doctor Subhan Sarwar and his colleagues urge bikers to wear helmets, stressing on its importance.

The video shows a group of doctors from the neurosurgery department gathered in the intensive care unit of the hospital, where patients who sustained severe head injuries in bike accidents can be seen — injuries that otherwise could be avoided.

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Gesturing towards three patients behind him, Sarwar says, “They all sustained severe head injuries and were brought to us in such a [bad] condition that unfortunately, we couldn’t do much for them.”

“The reason is that they weren’t wearing helmets,” he added.

Speaking on the eve of Independence Day, Sarwar said a large number of accidents take place on such (national) holidays. “Because young people ride bikes without adequate protection, we get patients in such a bad conditions that we cant do much for them.”

Concluding the public service message, Sarwar said, “Not only should the first rider wear a helmet, but the second and third as well.” Further, he urged everyone to spread the message and remind young people to wear proper head gear when riding a motorcycle.

Earlier, DPO Sarfraz Ahmad Falki said on Tuesday that the police had launched a crackdown against stunt riding and speeding. “The crackdown has been launched on directions of the Punjab Police IGP,” he said.

“There are too many accidents involving young men who fall off their bikes while performing stunts … lives are lost.”

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He said a crackdown had been launched in view of Independence Day during which “hundreds of young men in the district remove silencers from their motorcycles and drive the vehicles at high speeds”. He said most accidents involving stunt riding occurred on national holidays.

“This is a dangerous way to celebrate Independence Day … there is a ban on performing wheelies, driving at high speeds and removing silencers from motorcycles.”

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