Kalki Koechlin opens up about her personal and professional life

"I found it really hard when I left Anurag Kashyap"

"I found it really hard when I left Anurag Kashyap" PHOTO: BOLLYWOODMANTRA

Kalki Koechlin has never shied away from being explicit about her personal and professional life. She’s famous for being outspoken and in a recent interview with Elle, she bares it all.

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The Yeh jawani hai deewani star talks about politics, acting and her intimate life. On being a workaholic, she says “I feel like I don’t exist if I’m not working. I can’t lie on a beach for three days. More than two days and I’m like, what am I doing? There are so many things wrong with the world, I need to do something!”


Kalki talks about how tough it is for her to improvise Hindi and that she’s still not used to ‘glamour’. “When I’m on set, I don’t like someone coming and poking my face or fixing my hair every two minutes. Being able to stay in character and letting all this noise and stuff just come and go—that’s something I still struggle with. Backstage in theatre, it’s just you and the butterflies in your stomach,” she shared with Elle.

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“People feel like they can’t criticize you. They’ll be like, the shot was wonderful, just great, but could you just do it slightly differently? And I’m like, you didn’t like it—just say that, na!”


On living alone, she shared saying, “I found it really hard when I left Anurag Kashyap, her ex-husband. The first year… it was tough. I grew up in boarding school and then shared houses with people, so I had never lived alone. But it’s something I really needed to learn how to do.”

The actor is set to star in Azmaish, a documentary she’s working on with Pakistani filmmaker Sabiha Sumar.

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