Painting the town green

Situated in the heart of Karachi’s bustling Saddar Town is the famous Paper Market, which transforms into a ‘green alley’ ahead of Independence Day. Wholesalers come together to sell flags, stationary and other celebratory merchandise for the much awaited day.

As the market transforms into a sea of green, patriotic spirit exudes from the winding alleys where flags are waved, slogans are chanted and national songs are played; bringing people together to celebrate the nation’s independence.

The photo feature, titled Paint it Green, walks you through the winding alleys of the famous paper market as the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day.

A view from a wholesale paper shop shows the chaos inside an alley of Karachi’s famous paper market.

A man selling miniature paper flags for RS50 per bundle awaits customers.

A general view of the hustle and bustle in the alley at Karachi’s paper market.

National flags in different hues of green are displayed against a wall as a woman walks past draped in a striking red dupatta.

A young boy selling miniature paper flags takes a break amid the chaos of the market as he looks into the camera.

Paper flags flutter in front of a faded pre-partition building, Paper Market, Saddar Town, Karachi.

National heroes displayed on badges at Saddar’s Paper Market.

A flag seller poses with the victory sign as flags flutter around him.

The street exudes patriotism as flags flutter and slogans are chanted.

Miniature flag badges continue to remain a customer favorite among other merchandise.

A young boy holds bunches of flags as Independence Day preparations are underway across the nation.

An elderly man walks past a large national flag in Saddar’s Paper Market.

An assortment of merchandise is available in Karachi’s famous paper market.

Bubbles float in the middle of the market where spirits are high ahead of Independence Day.

Karachi’s Paper Market is bustling as flag sellers display merchandise and prepare for independence day.

Children selling clothes pose for the photograph beside a range a women’s kurtas in green and white.

An old man attracts customers with flags he is selling at half price.

Several transactions take place at the paper market where Independence day celebrations are in full swing.

A saleswoman displays glass bangles in the colours of the national flag.

An aerial view of the alley taken from the balcony of a hotel in the paper market, Saddar.

Business continues till late hours of the night for late comers and families.

A vendor demonstrates how to use some of the merchandise among the vast variety of products displayed on his cart.

A quick quality check is carried out by men selling flags at the paper market in Karachi.

Decorative LED lights are displayed on a motorcycle.

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