5 trailblazing songs by the late Nazia Hassan



Nazia Hasan is perhaps the most recognizable voice in pop music of the subcontinent.

The award-winning singer set a trend of disco music blended with evocative lyrics, and her incredible pop renditions are still popular at home and abroad. Her spellbinding songs which are often reused by contemporary media.

Here are five trailblazing songs by the pop sensation:

1. Aap Jaisa Koi

Released in 1980, Aap Jaisa Koi has captivated audiences for decades. Who doesn’t know all the words to this song?

2. Dosti

The vocals of Nazia and her brother Zoheb in this number will leave you dancing. Although the song dates back to 1984, it still feels fresh as it was restyled and used in Pakistani movie Ho Mann Jahan.

3. Boom Boom

Boom Boom, released in 1982, will have you moving to the beat.

4. Dam Dam Dee Dee

Released in 1995, Dam Dam dee dee has sure made a mark in the history of pop music with its mesmerising tune.

5. Disco Dewanay

Disco Dewanay was released in 1981. The fact that it was remade and reused in Indian film Student of the Year proves that this number is definitely a trend setter, and one for the ages.

Nazia was undoubtedly Pakistan’s queen of pop.

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