Robbery: House burgled 


Thieves struck at a house in the Karachi Company police jurisdiction and made off with cash and other valuables. Saeed Ahmed, a resident of Sector G-9/2, lodged a complaint with the local police stating that burglars made their way into his house while the inmates were out and made off with two laptops, a licenced 30-bore pistol, Rs15,000 in cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth thousands of rupees. The police have registered a case. Meanwhile, A man was shot and injured by two armed motorcyclists within the Sabzi Madi police limits. Aslam Khan, a resident of I-11/4, lodged a complaint with the police that while he was returning home from work when two armed motorcyclists intercepted him and demanded money and valuables. According to the complainant, when he resisted, they shot him. They also snatched an unspecified amount of cash, an ATM card, and a cell phone from the injured complainant and fled the scene.

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