Style anatomy: Zainab Salman

The fashion designer unveils her secret on how to look style savvy even with a six-month baby bump!

Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

How would you describe your body type?

I’m 5ft4” tall with a six month pregnancy bump these days.

Has your body type changed over the last five years?

I have had major ups and downs in the last five years. I was super skinny back in college but I managed to put on a lot of weight after I had my first baby. Luckily I’m a gym addict, I rigorously train at least five days a week so I got back in shape pretty quickly. I have my fingers crossed for this one!

How has your style changed over the years?

My style has definitely evolved over the years. I had always been very laid back and relaxed. Back in the day I would mostly be in a t-shirt, track pants and flats but now I love dressing up.

In your opinion what is your most troublesome area?

My upper body.

How do you dress your body according to your body type?

Nowadays I’m big on wearing stripes and button-down shirts, not only are they super comfortable but they also complement my body type.

Which silhouettes suit your body the most?

I usually prefer wearing shorter tops so my legs are highlighted more. I love wearing boot cut pants as they make me look tall and skinny!

What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why?

I’m not comfortable wearing crop tops or lehnga cholis. Also, I feel anything too fitted and short on top makes me look bulky.

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