Here’s what celebs would like to change about Pakistan

Here's what they have to say.

Here's what they have to say.

KARACHI: Half of our lives are spent complaining about the sad state of affairs of our beloved land.

Terrorism, infrastructure and inflation are among many other problems that we desperately want to resolve and celebrities aren’t any different from us. This Independence Day we asked our favourite celebsthe one thing they would like to change about Pakistan and here’s what they had to say.

Mahira Khan

“I would like to see more accountability in Pakistan.”


Ahsan Khan

“I would like to change Pakistan’s education system because that’s the only thing which can change the entire system and the mindset of people.”


Mawra Hocane

“If anything needs to be changed its not Pakistan but the mindsets of Pakistanis. We need to love more, hate less. We need to accept each other’s success & celebrate it.

“Every country has flaws. We need to talk about the great things and let the world know what Pakistan truly is. We need to respect our country for the world to see it from our eyes. Together, we should work for its prosperity and not point fingers at each other or the country. Live and let live. May God bless this country and everyone who belongs here!”


Ahmed Ali Butt 

“I will not change anything about my country but I will change everything about its people. Pakistan is great and we are lucky to be born with freedom but sadly we take it for granted. We have stopped believing in honour and respect, honesty and hard work. We always think of our personal interests instead of national.

“The greatest example of this is Pakistan being ruled by criminals. We have brought this country to its knees. But I still believe this is the greatest country in the world and InshaAllah one day it will be where it’s supposed to be. Pakistan Zindabad.”


Humaima Malick

“I would definitely like to change the way our women are being treated. We are also free souls not slaves.”


Junaid Khan

“I would like to change the image of Pakistan.Our country does have its set of issues but which country doesn’t? The difference between us and others is that, they highlight their positive side which brings them a good name. We should follow suit.

“Pakistan has everything, talent and resources. We just need to highlight them more to the world.”


Saira Shahroz

“I love my country for what it is but I would want Pakistan to be a safer place for my child and all the children so they can grow and flourish in their own country rather than leave it to find safety elsewhere.”


Umair Jaswal

“I would want the people of Pakistan to change their mindset. Be more tolerant and loving especially towards our minorities. They are as Pakistani as us. Happy Independence Day.”


Sarwat Gillani

“I would like to change the fact that no one takes ownership of this country. They use and abuse it as they will and then put up a flag every August 14 pretending to be ‘oh so patriot!’.”


Nomi Ansari

“I would definitely ban 5,000 words on social media as I believe it should be very restricted. There shouldn’t be hatred and negativity. Anyone who talks against Pakistan should be arrested and jailed for at least a month.”


Mansha Pasha

“I want people to be united and not fight over religion and sectarianism.”



“I would only want to eradicate hate from people’s hearts.”


Lets play our part because it’s now or never!

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