Pakistan’s 69 years in the news

PHOTO: Guardian

PHOTO: Guardian

History is a compendium of events. In every country’s history there are events that make a nation, events that shake a nation and events that wake a nation. This Independence Day we look back at Pakistan’s 69 years in the news. From trials and tribulations and triumphs to what brought us together and what shocked us; here’s to never forgetting.

1947 – 1949

Pakistan becomes a nation

Quaid-e-Azam passes away 

1950 – 1959

Liaqat Khan is assassinated (1951)

Pakistan International Airlines comes into being (1955)

Martial law declared in the country by Ayub Khan ( 1958)

1960 – 1969

First Trade agreement signed between Pakistan and China (1963)

Pakistan, Iran and Turkey establish RCD (1964)

The India-Pakistan War of 1965

Fatima Jinnah dies in sleep (1967)

1970 – 1979

The India-Pakistan War of 1971

Bhutto sworn in (1971)

Return of Pakistan POWs proposed following which an accord was signed in New Delhi (1973)

Pakistan recognises Bangladesh (1974)

After becoming COAS in 1976, Zia ul Haq enforces martial law in 1977

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged in Rawalpindi (1979)

1980 – 1989

Martial law lifted, amended 1973 constitution revived (1985)

Squash legend Jahangir Khan appreciated world wide (1985)

MQM wins in Karachi (1988)

Benazir Bhutto is sworn in as first female Prime Minister of Pakistan ( 1988)

1990 – 1999

Jahangir Khan sets world record after winning 10th British Open title (1991)

World speculates abut Pakistan’s nuclear capability (1994)

After quitting office in 1993, Nawaz Sharif is once again sworn in as PM (1997)

Pakistan conducts nuclear tests (1998)

2000 – 2009

After being ousted by General Pervez Musharraf in 1999, Nawaz Sharif is given life sentence (2000)

Pakistan is readmitted to commonwealth (2004)

Devastating earthquake kills 80,000 people in Kashmir (2005)

Baloch tribal leader Akbar Bugti killed in Pakistan (2006)

Benazir Bhutto assassinated in Rawalpindi (2007)

Asif Ali Zardari becomes President of Pakistan (2008)


2010 – 2016

Osama bin Laden assassinated in Abottabad, Pakistan (2011)

Baldia factory fire kills hundreds in Karachi (2012)

Earthquake in Balochistan (2013)

Peshawar church blasts (2013)

Carnage at Army Public School, Peshawar (2014)


International cricket returns to Pakistan (2015)

Lahore hit by terror attack on Easter (2016)

Suicide bombing wipes out a generation of lawyers in Quetta (2016)

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