Tehreek-E-Tahaffuz Pakistan: ‘Country can’t progress amid bribery’


Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz Pakistan Chitral President Badiur Rehman addressed a news conference in Chitral Press Club on Monday. On the occasion, he said the party was created under the leadership of Abdul Qadeer Khan and believes in practical implementation of their manifesto. On the occasion, a number of other party members were also present, including Hazratuddin, Kashif Ahmed Koshat, Qazi Ishaq Morkahu, Ikramuddin, Abdul Waseh Darosh and Muhammad Sohail Morkahu. He added Pakistan cannot progress unless we get it rid of evils like bribery and corruption. He demanded corrupt practices and corruption be punished and those involved be taken to task.  “Government should give interest free loans to people, while black money must be utilised in creating sources of employment,” Rehman said. He added all these steps are part of their manifesto and his party will follow them strictly. The Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz Pakistan Chitral president pointed out merit should be followed in employment, while free treatment and medicines should be provided in hospitals.

Original news : http://tribune.com.pk/story/1163219/tehreek-e-tahaffuz-pakistan-country-cant-progress-amid-bribery/