District council: Members hurl chairs at each other

DI KHAN: The DI Khan district council session turned into a battlefield on Tuesday when opposition and treasury benches started hurling chairs and expletives on each other over certain differences.

When the speaker, Ismail Baloch, started the session, the opposition pointed the incomplete quorum. However, the meeting was continued nevertheless. This irked the members of the opposition, one of whom, from JUl-F went to the stage, dragged the speaker’s table and pushed it to the ground.

Subsequently, the government and opposition members started throwing chairs and water bottles at each other.

The disturbance disrupted the meeting until DI Khan Assistant Commissioner Zahid Pervaiz Warraich, along with security personnel, went to calm the situation down.

After the session ended, the speaker told the media that in future outsiders would not be allowed in the hall.

Original news : http://tribune.com.pk/story/1164023/district-council-members-hurl-chairs/