Faiza Mujahid lends vocals to Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Pink’

Mujahid has sung popular hits for Pakistani movies such as Khuda Kay Liye, Bol and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. PHOTO: FILE

Mujahid has sung popular hits for Pakistani movies such as Khuda Kay Liye, Bol and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. PHOTO: FILE

LAHORE: Singer Faiza Mujahid’s work is a labour of love that she releases sporadically. The Bandeya singer is now making her first Bollywood outing since she broke into the scene with Khuda Kay Liye’s celebrated soundtrack in 2005.

Her song, titled Jeenay De Mujhe, is part of the Amitabh Bachan-starrer Pink that is set to release on September 16.

The story of how her song became part of the film is a rather interesting one. Ronnie Lahiri, one of the two producers of the film, contacted her for the track Meri Zindagi in 2012.

“He heard it and wanted it for a film of his but that didn’t materialise.” They kept in touch but never discussed the music Mujahid had been working on. “I went to the late Haider Hashmi and I told him I have a composition [Jeenay De Mujhe] and want him to produce it. He produced it and I kept it with me – waiting for a big budget because it’s a huge song for me.”

Mujahid and Lahiri remained in correspondence about the latter’s projects, including Madras Café and Piku, but she stayed mum on Jeenay De Mujhe. “These two films were not the kind that I thought my song would be suited for so I never brought it up.” Things changed when Lahiri told her about the story of Pink a few months ago and she was immediately sold. Pink revolves around three girls who are molested but are instead charged for assaulting the culprit. This plot formed the perfect social thriller to release her song which is also based on women’s liberation.

The lyrics that reflect every young woman’s clash with societal pressures and her modern self, will probably strike a chord with every desi girl. “The chorus urges you to enjoy life and tells society that we don’t need its dictation or terms,” she noted.

The song has already been dubbed the #LiveandLetLive anthem on social media. Mujahid’s career has been rooted on songs about women’s liberation and personal growth, including her first song Bandeya, which too had a similar message.

Bol’s Hona Tha Pyaar was also made specifically for a theme that focused on women. Additionally, two years ago she released Uth Oye which was “dedicated to all the silent heroes of Pakistan and this track builds on that sentiment.”

The video of the new song Jeenay De Mujhe shows three girls that are frolicking around and enjoying themselves. “That is what I wanted the video to be. I want people to stop dictating a woman’s duties. You can’t specify a class for these problems because it is totally ingrained in our society.”

The film’s release in Pakistan is uncertain at this point but Mujahid is hopeful that audiences closer to home get to experience it. “It should be shown here because it doesn’t have anything to do with our army or say anything about Pakistan. We too have the issues that the film touches upon.” As for the song, she feels it has the potential to become what Bandeya did.

Her third film project was the title track for Jawani Phir Nahi Ani but the crooner has been more dynamic with OST’s for television series. “Films are big in Bollywood but we have dramas and singing for them is a privilege,” she shared. “Women get a lot of OSTs but otherwise our music industry is nowhere on television so it’s hard to get recognised.”

Continuing on the same note, she said, “We have Coke Studio but even that’s become commercialised so you don’t see new faces. The ‘new’ faces you see are those who have been forgotten but otherwise you don’t see new talent altogether.”

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