People are calling Parineeti Chopra ‘fake’ after she body-shamed a friend



Body-shaming is a major issue. And we expect those, who have been victims of it, to be a bit more sensitive if they’ve managed to transform themselves into fitness icons.

Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra is definitely not on this list. After sheding all the fat, the starlet seems to have forgotten that she was once heavily criticised for being overweight.

Can’t believe Parineeti Chopra got an award for losing weight: Rishi Kapoor

In a video she uploaded on Twitter, Parineeti wished her friend happy birthday advising him to “eat less and get thin.”

Needles to say, her comment didn’t go down well with fans. Even Alia Bhatt, who is accompanying her these days on their ‘Dream Tour’ of the US, seemed surprised as she responded, “Poor thing, no.”

Parineeti often posts motivational pictures on Instagram, stating how tough her journey has been:

I am a fat-to-fit story, says Parineeti Chopra

Twitter too was unforgiving:

Do you think her comment is being blown out of proportion?

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