This makeup artist with face tumour is redefining beauty standards

Marimar Quirora shuts down bullies by starting her own YouTube channel. PHOTO: MIRROR

Marimar Quirora shuts down bullies by starting her own YouTube channel. PHOTO: MIRROR

A lot of makeup artists teach you how to look beautiful but this Vlogger tell you how to feel beautiful.

Marimar Quirora, born with a cystic hygroma, is redefining beauty standards with her inspirational makeup tutorials. The 21-year-old has shut down her bullies by starting her own YouTube channel two years back. She uses sign language to communicate.

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In an interview with Barcroft TV, Marimar shared her inspirational journey saying, “When I was young, I would talk to myself in the mirror. I would tell myself, I was beautiful.”


“I would encourage myself and list things that were good about me. That built confidence through the years. That’s how I learned to accept myself for who I am.”

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Marimar is also a Zumba instructor and currently enrolled in the first year of a beauty school.


Sharing the response she has received so far, Marimar said, “People type their comments after they view my videos, and they say some really nice things. They tell me I’m beautiful and they love my makeup.”

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“I have encountered negative people both on YouTube and out in my daily life. People tell me I look like a monkey, that my mouth is wrong. People stare at me, I see them staring.”


Marimar, who is also studying education would like to teach deaf children in the future.

Beauty to Marimar is “Is to accept yourself for who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have a different-looking face. Accept yourself for who you are.”


She serves as the real encouragement to the people who need to embrace themselves no matter how they look.

Here’s here inspirational interview. Bold and beautiful!

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