Risky parking: Oil tankers on roadside create hurdles

ISLAMABAD: Queues of oil tankers and trucks along both sides of the main road of Industrial Triangle, Kahuta are getting longer with each passing day due to the apathy of factory managers and the absence of traffic police.

This creates a road risk as on the road is flanked by a residential area on one side, while the other is industrial.

The industrial zone, over six kilometres from Soan to Kak Bridge on Kahuta Road, links Grand Trunk Road with Islamabad Expressway.

Residents have demanded that the Capital Development Authority and the Islamabad Traffic Police take immediate notice of the situation.

Irfan Warraich, a resident of Humak Model Town, said truckers preferred to park along the road instead of the designated parking lot near the slaughterhouse because they know that no one would come to check them.

Original news : http://tribune.com.pk/story/1165524/risky-parking-oil-tankers-roadside-create-hurdles/