Bridegroom among 6 killed in bus-car crash



QUETTA: A speeding bus rammed into a car near the Bostan area on the Quetta-Kila Saifullah Road, killing a bridegroom and five other members of a wedding party.

In a sheer act of apathy, the driver and the crew of the inter-city bus sped away from the scene, leaving the victims in the throes of death. Police have yet to catch the killer coach.

Police officials confirmed that six persons were killed in a head-on collision between a Lahore-bound bus and a car near the Bostan area.

“The tragic incident took place due to overspeeding and reckless behaviour of the driver,” a police official said quoting eyewitnesses.

As a result of the collision, all six car passengers died on the spot. They were coming from Khan Mehtarzai for the marriage ceremony of Niaz Mohommad in the Kuchlak suburbs of Quetta, the official said.

Such was the impact of the crash that the sedan was reduced to a crumpled heap of metal. “We had to use welding torches and cutters to retrieve the bodies from the wreckage,” he said.

The victims were identified as bridegroom Niaz Mohammad, Hayatullah, Amanullah, Manzoor Ahmed, Lal Muhammad and driver Ahmed Jan.

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