Press control: When Pakistan’s map in the sky left India riled



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Pakistan map in the sky leaves India riled

A cloud formation in the form of a Pakistan map has left India agitated, Samaa reports. The “qudrat ka tohfa” was sighted at Wagah. The “gift” was presented to Pakistan as the nation prepared to mark Independence Day.



Veteran politician in selfie soup

 Nawa-i-Waqt reports that seasoned politician Sheikh Rasheed clicked a selfie with three airhostesses while travelling to Saudi Arabia. The picture had gone viral on social media thereafter, with netizens making interesting comments. Rasheed said he was sleeping when someone woke him up and clicked the photograph.

This snippet originally appeared on The Friday Times

A ‘prayer’ for Pakistan 


#… just like the Muslims are being subjected to tyranny in Indian-held Kashmir, some power-crazed elements have been intimidating those who worship Allah and his Prophet (PBUH)…

# … secure those who raise their voice against India…

#… the government, which is on the verge of attacking ARY, wants to execute a drone attack on ARY…

#… those conspiring to have Dr Shahid Masood killed, render their weapons ineffective…



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