Highway police arrest 125 criminals 

LAHORE: Punjab highway patrol officials claimed to have recovered a stolen truck, 917 litres of alcohol and 7,326 grammes of hashish during the last three days.

A PHP spokesperson said that Kalar Kahar police arrested three smugglers and seized 60 kilogrammes of narcotics. They also arrested 125 suspects, including 52 proclaimed offenders and rendered help to 3,188 commuters.

While giving details, the official said PHP Post Saikham recovered a stolen truck from a wanted suspect Aslam, a resident of Mandi Bahauddin.

In another case, PHP Post Adda Pull Gajyani recovered a repeater gun.

Similarly, in another incident patrolling police, led by Waqar Hassan, conducted an operation against smugglers and arrested three culprits, including a woman. The police seized 60 kilogrammes of narcotics from them.

The police said the narcotics were being smuggled from Islamabad to Choan Saida Shah.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 1st, 2018.

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