Egypt hangs four convicted of deadly 2014 bomb attack

Egypt has hanged four men convicted by a military court of killing three military students in a bombing in 2014, security sources said on Tuesday.

It was the second reported multiple execution of convicted militants in a week. A week ago Egypt hanged 15 men accused of deadly attacks in the Sinai peninsula, believed to be the largest number of people executed in a single day since President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi took power.

The latest executions were carried out in the Borg al Arab prison, west of the coastal city of Alexandria, after the military appeals court rejected appeals by the defendants, the sources said.

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The four were hanged for their role in a bombing in the Nile Delta town of Kafr al-Sheikh that took place during violence that followed the ouster of President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi, then the military chief, removed Mursi in mid-2013 after mass protests against Mursi’s rule.

The court also sentenced three others in absentia to death, and jailed eight others, including Salah al-Feki, head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Kafr al-Sheikh.

Authorities banned the Brotherhood and declared it a terrorist organization after Mursi was deposed, arresting thousands of its members and supporters.

Since then, Egypt has faced a growing insurgency from Islamic State fighters in the Sinai Peninsula.

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  • Egypt says three militants killed, 74 arrested in Sinai raids

    Egypt faces an Islamist insurgency led by the Islamic State group in the Sinai Peninsula

  • Egypt mosque attack death toll rises to 305, including 27 children

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