Daily Grind: Atif Ahmed

Co-founder Super Savari Express Atif Ahmed takes us through a typical day in his life, where hard work, family and fun go hand in hand


Dreaming about how lucky I am to have the following:

1. A beautiful and supportive wife

2. Great family

3. Amazing friends

4. A dynamic business which expands exponentially because of the team


Still dreaming, but getting to the wake up point.


First alarm goes off and a whack from the Mrs to remove the snooze button. Followed by at least another three snoozes for 30 minutes – until wakey wakey!


The thinking hour on the bowl, in the shower and getting dolled up for the day to kill; with a quick bite to eat on the go as I step out the door being scolded by my mother.

9am – 12noon:

Arrive at Gulliver’s Travels to manage the family business and corporate accounts that have trusted our name in the travel trade for over 30 years. Manage the business development, strategy and operational tasks of Super Savari Express as the startup transforms into a tourism giant in the country. Lastly, staying updated with local and international news and communicating with people regarding investment opportunities around the world moving forward.


Somewhere along the line I get a quick bun kebab, biryani or if I’m feeling really positive then a healthy snack (rare occasion) to keep me going.

2pm – 4pm:

Meetings, meetings, meetings – And a little prayer I try to squeeze regularly. By this time – round two of energy for the day is kicking in as I am quite the energiser bunny.

5pm – 9pm:

This is my real estate and property development segment of the day. The part of the day where I follow my passion of understanding concrete jungles, seeing future trends, securing friends, family and institutional investments.


Try to squeeze in a quick gym session for 45 minutes, but that has also been a rare occurrence in the last three years.


A healthy protein only meal to convince myself that I eat right. Sit with the family, catch up on the day and crack lame jokes so everyone sleeps with a smile.


Convince my wife to watch a movie or a Netflix show and pass out 20 minutes into the experience.


Eat out or socialise with friends post-gym or work hour.


On Sundays I try to squeeze in a beach day.

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