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Myra Qureshi, Co-founder and CEO CoNatural was inspired to create her own skin care range due to the lack of organic and natural cosmetic and personal care products available in the market. She jots down eight of her go-to products for the season

Go-to Moisturiser

This  essential day cream by CoNatural can be used as a moisturiser in summer and winter! I know what goes into it and it’s completely organic and safe to use. My skin is on the dry side and the product contains the perfect oils to moisturise my skin without making it greasy.

Daily Cleanser

I don’t use a face wash because I am in love with CoNatural’s Organic Nourishing Goat’s Milk with Shea Butter bar (which I proudly developed myself!). I use it as a cleanser in the morning and at night and prefer it over other cleansers because it’s mild and has natural ingredients to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

For The Glow!

The Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder by Guerlain is my favourite.  I use it as a highlighter and bronzer because it gives a very subtle tint with the perfect glow.


The Dior Addict Mascara is the best! I also love Pleasures by Estée Lauder and have been using it since I was 18 and I will never, ever, stop!

Hair Care

I have long hair and spend my day shuffling from the factory to the office to meetings and events – from the air conditioning to the scorching sun, extreme temperatures dry out my hair, so I really need to provide my hair with some TLC. My go-to product is the Organic Intense Luster Hair Oil. I use it once a week and it keeps my hair conditioned and super soft.

For a Flawless Look

I use foundation only in the evenings if it’s an occasion. Georgio Armani’s Designer Lift Foundation has the perfect coverage, doesn’t give you a very heavy feel and gives you the perfect flawless look!

The Radiance Saviour

At night, when my skin is really dry, I use Neil’s Yard Organic Wild Rose Beauty Balm to keep my skin healthy and radiant. It is the perfect product to carry when I am travelling to cope with changing climates. It’s an all in one product – a cleanser, mask and moisturiser!

The Favourite Blush

For some reason, most blush pigments and textures don’t sit well on my face except the powder blushes by Revlon.

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