Sherpao lashes out at Trump over anti-Pakistan tirade

PESHAWAR: Qaumi Watan Party Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao denied US President Donald Trump’s allegations against Pakistan and claimed the country had made great sacrifices in combating terrorism.

Sherpao termed Trump’s remarks as irresponsible and baseless and suggested instead of blaming Pakistan for its failure the US leadership should recognize its sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

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The leader expressed disappointment over the Trump’s tweet and said that it would adversely affect the efforts for peace in the region. “America is blaming Pakistan for its failure only to avoid embarrassment of its people,” he said.

Sherpao commented that US failed in Afghanistan due to its weak policies and the only possibility to root out menace of terrorism was through mutual cooperation and cognitive measures of partners.

QWP chairman observed that Pakistan had rendered selfless services and innumerable sacrifices for restoring peace in the region and without active involvement of the country, stability and progress in the area was not possible.

QWP chairman lamented Trump’s allegations would undermine Pakistan’s efforts for reinstating harmony in the bloc and the chill in US-Pak relations would only worsen the situation. Sherpao said US President’s remarks would encourage terrorism and disturb the balance of power in the region.

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Sherpao lauded China for supporting Pakistan against Trump’s remarks and maintained that the world today recognizes Pakistan for its role in fight against terrorism. The leader said United States should also acknowledge Pakistan’s contribution and sacrifices for the cause as peace and order in the area was not possible without Pakistan’s involvement.

He urged all the stakeholders to gather on same page to give a befitting response to the US President for his anti-Pakistan tirade.

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