Balochistan people own its resources, says Akhtar Mengal

QUETTA: Balochistan National Party President Sardar Akhtar Mengal dispelled the impression of divide among the people of Balochistan on the basis of language and ethnicity and declared all those inhabiting the province are equal owners of the resources of the province.

Welcoming a former provincial minister, Haji Ismail Gujjar into BNP, the former Chief Minister said that there was no discrimination in Balochistan on the basis of ethnicity or language and the people of province were united in their struggle to gain their political and national rights. “Every individual of Balochistan is the real owner of the resources and minerals of the province,” he said.

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Mengal said anti-state elements tried to sow seeds of hatred and disintegration among the people for their vested interests. He said the tribes and nationalist groups living in Balochistan were sons of the soil and loved their homeland.

Praising the locals of the area, the BNP president said inhabitants of the province faced calamities and upheavals with valor and stood steadfast in all sorts of situations.

Mengal recalled that his father as the first democratically elected chief minister of Balochistan had issued a notification declaring all residents irrespective of their ethnicity and language as the equal owners of the province. He deplored that the administration did not follow in letter and spirit that notification and those with vested interests tried to cast aspersions on the locals.

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Mengal disapproved slogan-chanting politics and called upon the people to unite and unify efforts and defend their democratic rights.

Senior leaders of the party including Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini, party secretary general, Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani, ex-Senator Sana Baloch, Malik Abdul Wali Kakar, Sajid Tareen and several other leaders were also present on the occasion.

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