Pir Pagara wants army, judiciary to take steps for country's protection

HYDERABAD: Spiritual leader of the Hur Jamaat Pir Pagara Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi has predicted that hard days are ahead for the country due to the shift in the policy of the United States (US).

“Changes are occurring on a global level,” Pagara, who also heads the Pakistan Muslim League – Functional (PML-F) and the Grand Democratic Alliance, said while addressing his followers in Ghotki district where he concluded his week-long visit on Thursday.

Pagara was of the view that the country’s army and judiciary would have to take initiatives to protect the country. He praised the army for defeating terrorism and restoring peace in Pakistan. “We live in a free country due to the army. Recognise sacrifices of the army,” Pagara told his followers.

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The PML-F head lambasted the Pakistan Peoples Party and the provincial government for handling the farmers’ issue atrociously. He alleged that the provincial government was hand in glove with sugar mills which were not buying sugar cane from the farmers. “Wheat is bought at half price from farmers and middlemen steal the government’s gunny bags,” he alleged.

Expressing his opposition to underage marriages, Pagara said to his followers that he was receiving complaints that some of his followers were marrying their daughters off at an early age. “I have also come to know that a conditional swap of brides between two families is also happening. These trends should be stopped immediately,” he directed his followers.

Pagara told the followers to provide education to their daughters. “Rise above the tradition of marrying children in the same caste and let marriages among youth of different castes happen,” he said, adding that science had also established that inter-family marriages caused several congenital illnesses.

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He also advised people to save their income and refrain from spending lavishly. Pagara concluded the event with a prayer for the army, judiciary and Pakistan.

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