PMRU speeds up work in provincial government offices

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Secretary Azam Khan’s Performance Management and Reforms Unit (PMRU) handed over 1,746 tasks to government departments or improving performance in which 1,303 were completed in the past three months.

PMRU established in the chief secretary’s office is a watchdog on all tiers of the government of the province.

The tasks were related to improving service delivery to public, institutional reforms, regulations, resolving employees’ issues and civic functions. Giving a briefing to media about the performance of the Unit, the PMRU coordinator Adil Saeed Safi and his team of deputy coordinators including Fahad Ikram Qazi and Akif Khan explained the tasks and their achievements in these three months since the appointment of the incumbent chief secretary.

Explaining the tasks, Safi said that 11 government departments including the education, finance, excise, health and energy were tasked to simplify their procedures which are followed for performing businesses relating to general public and 36 such procedure were simplified through which a person has to pass.

Citing examples of the procedures simplified he said that a person registering his vehicle in K-P had to pass through 31 steps. To simplify the process, PMRU held meetings with the department officials and with their help the vehicle registration process was reduced to nine steps.

“An applicant can get car registration number on the same day,” Safi said adding that powers were delegated to lower levels to make jobs quicker, save time and reduce workload at each department wherever needed.

“We put the government colleges’ admission system 100% online and this year 184,610 students applied online for admission out of which 52,000 got admitted in the colleges,” he said.

He said file tracking system has been extended it to 1,330 sections of all departments, directorate and attached departments. “Now a secretary of a department can see on his computer which file is stuck where in his department.” Safi said that they are also starting barcode system in the file tracking system after which it will never get lost in the heaps of files like before. 

Published in The Express Tribune, January 5th, 2018.

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