Tweetgate: Trump allegations self-contradictory

ISLAMABAD: A tweet on new year’s day sent Pakistan into a frenzy. The move has drawn as much criticism as it has sparked concern in the power corridors.

Center for International Strategic Studies Islamabad (CISS) Executive Director Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi has said that US President Donald Trump’s predilection for making hostile public statements in regard to inter-state relations has manifested itself in a harsh tweet against Pakistan on New Year’s Day.

“It is unfortunate that such ill-considered pronouncements are articulated- such a cavalier manner in the informal social media vehicle of a tweet,” the former envoy remarked.

Naqvi further pointed out that the accusation was couched in highly derogatory language which was totally unacceptable to a self-respecting sovereign state.

Moreover, the allegations that ‘Pakistan has used lies and deceits in its dealing with Pakistan’ is belied in Trump’s own statement of October 10 in which he had high praise for Pakistan’s cooperation and help in the release of the Canadian-American couple who was released from the custody of a militant organization by Pakistani agencies.

If Trump desires meaningful Pakistan-US cooperation, Naqvi said that he will not find it materialising with such an attitude.

“If the United States aims at better bilateral relations, the administration should make amend to assuage Pakistan’s outrage at this unwarranted outburst,” he added. 

Published in The Express Tribune, January 5th, 2018.

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