'It's not me': Greek PM's partner disputes Wiki profile

ATHENS: The usually media-shy partner of Greece’s prime minister said in an interview out Friday there is a bit of a problem with the Wikipedia online profile of her: it’s someone else.

Betty Baziana, lifelong partner of Greek leader Alexis Tsipras, said the profile gets her place of birth and political affiliation wrong.

“Using the profile of a relative with the same name and surname, Wikipedia… describes me, but it’s not me,” Baziana told Efimerida ton Syntakton daily.

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She claims the online encyclopedia, which is written collaboratively by users, has been of little help in clearing up the matter, despite her repeated complaints.

She said the response has been: “‘This is you, since this is what is written about you, and it cannot be changed'”

“Producing ID was not enough… I’ve given up,” she added.

In the four-page interview, Baziana also praised Greece’s “proud” confrontation with EU-IMF creditors in 2015 that nearly pushed it out of the eurozone and regrets not having met Fidel Castro.

Wikipedia stresses that it is not responsible for content management on the website, which is entrusted to volunteer editors.

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It did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment on Baziana’s complaints.

A mother of two, Tsipras’s lifelong partner shuns publicity and rarely speaks to the media.

“I believe I have waged a conscious battle against gossip coverage, and I have won,” the computer engineer said.

“I will not tolerate the violation of my private life or paparazzi-style pictures of my children.”

When reading stories about her, Baziana said she “just laughs” at the “boring” way the media focuses on her hair and choice of clothes.

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