Stop running after India, Miandad tells PCB

Pakistan batting great Javed Miandad has suggested the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to stop running after India for playing a series.

Miandad, while addressing media in Karachi, said PCB should stop pleading for a series if India is not ready to play against Pakistan.

“PCB should not patiently and stop making a fuss about the series with India,” said Miandad. “They should forget it. There are other countries in the world with whom we can play cricket. We can survive without playing India.”

The PCB believes it has a strong case against the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), as the latter signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2014 with the former to play a number of series from 2015 till 2023.

However, due to political tensions on the border both countries share, a series couldn’t materialise after 2012, and Miandad says if fighting a case doesn’t bear any monetary fruit, then it is useless to waste money on it.

“If there is a clause in the MoU which states that the non-playing party will have to pay damages only then we should pursue a case, otherwise, it is a waste of time and money,” he said.

He added that he and others played cricket in a time when the PCB coffers were nearly empty.

“We played cricket in a time when the PCB has nearly nothing in its account,” he explained. “But now, PCB receives nearly 60 billion in revenues from the International Cricket Council (ICC). They should be questioned on the utilisation of that money.”

The 60-year-old continued by saying that paying huge amounts to people related to the India case is not justified.

“India has an upper advantage over Pakistan due to their monetary prowess, but it doesn’t mean we have to beg before them. Board should cut down its cost and avoid paying huge sums to people related to the India case and also on foreign staff for our national cricket team.”

‘Reset focus on domestic cricket’

Miandad, like many other former Pakistani cricketers, believes PCB should work on the development of domestic cricket.

“Domestic cricket should be worked upon,” he said. “Its standard should be uplifted. Regional heads should play their role in the promotion and betterment of regional cricket.”

‘Play responsibly against New Zealand’

Pakistan are currently engaged in a five-match ODI series against New Zealand on the latter’s home turf, and Miandad suggests the team should play responsibly without taking any pressure.

“Pitches in New Zealand have always caused trouble for our players,” he commented. “Meanwhile, our cricket team is inconsistent in its performances. However, Pakistan has the ability to put up good performances against the hosts New Zealand. They should play responsibly and evade any pressure that comes their way.”


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