It has been four years since Pakistan lost its bravest son to the war on terror

It has been four years since the fateful day that Pakistan lost a truly brave son to the war against terrorism.

Aitzaz Hasan was only 15 when he was killed as he wrestled a suicide bomber to the ground near his school in Hangu, saving hundreds of innocent lives as he prevented the terrorist trying to infiltrate the mud-and-brick establishment.

Aitzaz became a symbol of defiance on January 6, 2014, when agents of evil tried to snatch the gift of modern education from innocent, unsuspecting children. But the teenager stood between them like a wall they could not break.

Bomb hero Aitizaz Hasan honoured with bravery award

Outside the Government High School Ibrahimzai, Aitzaz and his friends had been chatting when they observed a man wearing a suicide west approaching the building, news outlets said.

Despite pleas to the contrary, Aitzaz decided to confront the attacker and wrestled him to the ground. The bomber detonated his vest, killing Aitzaz on the spot.

According to reports, there were some 2,000 children in the school at the time of the incident.

If Aitzaz had not sacrificed his life for the sake of others, hundreds of innocent lives might have been lost.

Saving lives: A teenager’s sacrifice for hundreds of mothers

The State of Pakistan had recognised the sacrifice of the fifteen-year-old, and the president had conferred the Sitara-e-Shujaat to honour the slain soul afterwards.

Aitizaz was the second of his siblings and had two sisters. He was a friend to many, respected and loved in his village. Atizaz’s father has said on numerous occasions that he considers himself very lucky to be the father to a martyr. But it is evident that the memories of his son will always haunt him.

“Pakistan will never forget the courage and bravery with which Aitzaz conducted himself that day,” his father says.

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