I’m very proud of my 25 years in the industry: A R Rahman

Bollywood’s ace music composer and singer A R Rahman, completed 25 years in the industry last year and the journey wasn’t a bed of roses for him. It had its own share of ups and downs.

Rahman is not just a name but a musical phenomenon. In his words, “What cannot be put into words can be expressed through music.” This, very well, might be true mantra of his success in the industry.

It was 1992 and film-maker Mani Ratnam’s Roja was the break Rahman might have been waiting for. The Oscar-winner started his journey in the world of music.

It’s been quarter of a century since and Rahman has never looked back. His patriotic numbers Maa Tujhe Salaam in 1997 and Jai Ho in 2009 are capable of giving goosebumps to anyone and not just Indians.

AR Rahman has composed tracks for movies such as Slumdog Millionaire, Roja and Dil Se. PHOTO: FILE

In recognition of his contribution to music, Rahman has been bestowed with two of India’s highest national civilian honours, in addition to several other awards including four Indian National Film Awards and 25 Filmfare Awards.

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In an exclusive Pinkvilla interview, Rahman revealed how all of it started for him. Talking about his early days, the Dil Se Re singer reminisced, “I was always surrounded by music. It was my mother who realised it and my father set up all the musical instruments for me.”

“My mother has been my support system since my father passed away and she believed that I will do well in the line of music.” he added.

He is one of the few musicians who have truly experimented with various genres. Speaking about how he played around with different types of music, the Oscar-winner asserted, “I have worked with different genres – be it devotional or film music, but the basis of everything was already embedded. Music has evolved in years and I still struggle at times which is why my process is a little slower than the others.”

In every successful person’s life, there comes a time when people are too critical of the accomplishments that the person has achieved. Likewise, people were skeptical about Rahman as well and said that the 51-year old musician has lost his charm.

“I’ve been hearing people doubt my music since my second movie. In a way, if you lose the conviction in yourself, you lose the confidence of delivering things right. All these comments are coming from a judgmental point of view.” expressed Rahman.

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“Everybody wants you to be the way they think you should be. They are not my parents to tell me what am I supposed to do, but I still respect them. I am very proud of my 25 years in the industry and I did things which I didn’t ever imagine – producing music, writing a film and many more,” he added.

Rahman is thankful for how 2017 turned out for him and coined it as one of the best years. However, he is now looking forward to the challenges 2018 has to offer him.

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