IS declares war against Hamas for failure to defend Jerusalem

The Islamic State (IS) in Egypt in a new video released has urged its supporters to take up arms against Hamas for its failure to defend Jerusalem, reports RT.

This reaction from IS has comes days after Washington recognised the city as Israel’s capital.

The 22-minute video is supposedly released by an affiliate of Islamic in the Sinai Peninsula. It starts with a footage of US President Donald Trump’s December 6 announcement on Jerusalem.

At its climax the propaganda footage shows an execution of a former IS member pictured on his knees wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Hamas due to hand over Gaza in major step toward unity

The victim Musa Abu Zamat is accused of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt. An IS preacher, named as Abu Kazem al Maqdisi, originally from Gaza himself declares that IS followers must attack all Hamas sites and courthouses in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is charged with cooperating with Western countries and fighting only the Jews that live in Israel. Minutes later the captor is shot. The shooter is identified in news reports as Muhammad al-Dajani, a former member of Hamas’ military branch in Gaza.

On Thursday, Hamas spokesperson Salah Bardawil slammed the IS video as “a Zionist production in which Arab tools participate to distort the resistance.”

This article originally appears on RT news.

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