End of an era: Urdu poet Rusa Chughtai passes away

KARACHI: Renowned poet Rusa Chughtai, who died on Friday evening, was laid to rest on Saturday in the Korangi Graveyard. His funeral was attended by many members of the literary fraternity.

Rusa was a renowned Ghazal poet of Urdu. A recipient of the Pride of Performance Award, Rusa was born in India in 1928 in Jaipur. His real name was Mirza Mohtashim Ali Baig but was known by his pen name Rusa Chugtahi. He migrated to Pakistan in 1950.

Appreciated and admired for unique diction and expression of lofty thought in simple language and with common-place words, Rusa also remained associated with various newspapers. His poetry collections were published under the titles of ‘Rekta’, ‘Zanjeer Hamsaegi’ and ‘Teray Anay ka Intizar Raha’.

He had also participated in the recently held 10th International Urdu Conference. Despite his illness, Chughtai had participated in the last day’s session. Being a senior poet he was always honoured to chair various mushairas in India and Pakistan.

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His funeral prayers were offered after Zuhar prayers at Taj Masjid in Korangi. Many known personalities attended the funeral prayers including Khawaja Razi Haider, Dr Shahid Kamal, Mubeen Mirza, Shakeel Adilzada, Ajmal Siraj and others belonging to the literary field. Those who attended the funereal said that with his demise, an entire era has ended. They maintained that the gap created with his demise will never be filled.

Mirza said the demise of such people leaves society orphaned. He said Chughtai’s poetry benefited three generations.

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