Twitterati can't get enough of Natalie Portman's savage dig at the Golden Globes

In a sharp remark, Natalie Portman called out the “all-male nominees” of the Best Director category at the 75th Golden Globe Awards where talk on woman power was at the centre stage.

Portman took the stage here on Sunday with actor, film-maker Ron Howard to present the award. After Howard introduced the category they would be presenting, Portman remarked, “And here are the all-male nominees.”

Thank you #natalieportman for calling out the fact there were no female director nominees at tonight's #GoldenGlobes2018 Special shout-out to #gretagerwig for #LadyBird and #pattyjenkins for #WonderWoman #womeninfilm #SupportIndieFilm #wif

— Kathleen Behun (@21daysthefilm) January 8, 2018

And Twitter can’t handle it!

Our #MondayMotivation has to be Natalie Portman
No one can do it better than a pissed-off woman in a man's world #NataliePortman #GoldenGlobes

— HouseofBed (@HouseofBed) January 8, 2018

What I'm picturing when I see men complaining about #NataliePortman at the #GoldenGlobes2018 . #TIMESUP

— Heather Finley (@heatherfinley) January 8, 2018

#NataliePortman for the win!

— sia. (@SIAfromLB) January 8, 2018

#NataliePortman was both savage and elegant. #PointMade#YouGoGirl

— Tracy Thomas (@tdthomas117) January 8, 2018

#NataliePortman right now #GoldenGlobes

— Jaime Lopez (@Lopeezie) January 8, 2018

#NataliePortman was like…..#GoldenGlobes

— ✨✨Dina✨✨ (@Dina_Marie0221) January 8, 2018

That shade #NataliePortman just threw #GoldenGlobes

— Winni Paul (@WinniPaul) January 8, 2018

the ALL MALE nominees #NataliePortman #GoldenGlobes

— Stephanie T. Castro (@stephcastro904) January 8, 2018

I think we can all agree that #NataliePortman just won the #goldenglobes

— ramblingsofalatino (@ramblinglatino) January 8, 2018

Guillermo del Toro, Martin McDonagh, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg were contenders for Best Director in a year which had female directors like Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) and Dee Rees (Mudbound).

Toro, who looked a tad flustered, won the award for The Shape of Water, a Cold War-era monster movie and remixed fairy tale musical, starring Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon.

While, we are just like…

#natalieportman was savage with that "here are the all-male nominees" #GoldenGlobes

— Zara Hoffman‍ (@AuthZH) January 8, 2018

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