Thai PM asks reporters to direct questions towards his cardboard replica

Thailand’s prime minister, after his news conference, asked reporters to direct questions for him to his cardboard replica in a smart move to by-pass questions, reports BBC.

Towards the end of his brief address, a life-sized cardboard cutout resembling him was brought out. Before waving good-bye he told the reporters, “If you want to ask any questions on politics or conflict, ask this guy.”

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Mr Prayuth became Thailand’s PM after leading a military coup in 2014. Since then his government has been delaying elections despite promises.

In April 2016, the country voted in a referendum on a new constitution and a changed electoral system. These changes are likely to result in a splintered parliament, observers predict.

Questions regarding the elections, violence in the south and the laws under which numerous people have been jailed for insulting the monarchy face the PM.

But instead the PM left reporters to take pictures with a cardboard cutout that showed him in a handshake pose.

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According to the BBC’s Thai service the cardboard will be on show on Saturday for celebrations of Children’s Day in Thailand when  children will be given access to official residence and prime minister’s office.

The PM spoke to Thai families, reporters and children, on Monday, ahead of Children’s Day on Saturday. He stated it was essential to “engage young people with potential to get in line with 21st-Century democracy”.

Thailand “shouldn’t be afraid of politics” and needed to “create a new generation of politicians”, he stated.

Student protesters against Thailand’s military leadership have also subject of arrest or jail in the past few years.

This article originally appears on The BBC.

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