Daily Grind: Amal Sarwar

The brains behind Anti-Cupcake Fitness and adrenalin junkie, Amal Sarwar takes us through her day!


Involved in a gripping dream adventure, which usually ends with me waking up to go to the bathroom.


Rise and shine at 7:30, and at 8am I am downstairs for the first bootcamp class of the day.


I wrap up with my morning squad (the liveliest of the lot) and head to the kitchen to sniff around for breakfast. I love listening to them linger and laugh outside even after I leave!


I take my time with breakfast, usually five egg whites and the very important cup of chai, possibly my favourite half hour ever.


A shower before my own training session. Weird but so essential.


If I get to the gym early, I squeeze in some cardio!

12 noon:

Covered in sweat, I take on a weight training session with my coach. Endorphins FTW.


I head home with lunch on my mind…but obviously, it’s only proper I shower first right?


During lunch I try to keep the protein high; usually chicken or if I’m lazy, microwavable kebabs.


Dead to the world. This is my nap slot and I will literally sleep through a storm. Especially on low-carb days!


I grab a cup of black coffee and shower again to smell good for my evening sessions. Time to head to the driveway!


Almost done with the 5:30 class, but I have enough time to run in for a quick drink and wash before the 6:30 session.


Two classes down, and the last one kicks off at 7:30. It’s dark by now, so I keep hydrating to stay pepped up for my last bunch of girls who are mostly office-goers.


I wrap up the last class, snap a few pictures and share some laughs with the girls, then head back inside my house.


Dinner with my parents while dad watches the news. Then we watch Stranger Things together. I’ve got them hooked.


I start feeling the zzz’s and make sure I brush my teeth before I get too sleepy.


Wherever I am in the world, I make sure I am home and tucked in at 11pm.

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