Men beauty salons booming in Pakistan: report

ISLAMABAD: As glamour and beauty race among the fashion trade is expanding day by day all over the world including Pakistan, a large number of ‘men beauty salons’ business booming and gripping the attention of male society.

A report aired by a private news channel said, the beauty and style is usually associated with the girls but nowadays, men are a step ahead from the women in following latest trends and fashion. Various salons across the federal capital and other parts of the country have opened their doors to a growing number of men who have warmed up to the idea of personal grooming.



Umer Ikram said he believes that salons provide a “much needed relief” from the daily stress of the work environment. “Just like the number of women going to gyms is increasing, more and more men are going to salons.” An owner of Hair Dressing Salon Noman Waseem said, he has been running the parlour for the past many years and is the pioneer of men’s salons in the city.



“There is more competition in the market now, which is good for men as there are more and more services being provided to them,” he added. A young boy Hamza Danish said he prefers a parlor over a regular barber for his haircuts. “I feel the rise of male models and the image portrayed by movies is making us younger men very conscious of our looks.”

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“The first time I went for a facial was before my wedding. Now I often go, it’s something that is really relaxing and gives a fresh feeling,” said Waseem Javed another salon visitor.



“A large number of beauty and hair salon are available for the men and these salons provide special services to the grooms as they also need to look beautiful and attractive just like the girls,” said a salon owner Daniyal Ahmad. “This trend is helping to drive tremendous growth in the market for men’s hair care and skincare products, he added.”

Younger men are more likely to take advantage of services offered at salons while these treatments are not as “beauty focused” as women’s treatments, they help men to look clean and groomed, a growing trend among the male population Mintel research finds, a beauty expert said. “As per research, the need to look and feel good is extremely high. Skin care is an integral part of grooming and fairness has been identified as a principal demand in the male grooming market”

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