Vanity is death of a judge, says CJP of Pakistan

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday said, “Vanity is a sore and if found in a judge, it ultimately leads to the end of that judge.”

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The CJP was hearing a case in the capital pertaining to the incorporation of the Al-Razi Medical College (ARMC) during which he made the comments, said an Express News report.

Justice Nisar told senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan during the hearing that he was looking for a team of doctors who could inspect medical colleges.

“I heard you in a televised show yesterday. I believe the lawyers’ movement cannot run without you. I want you to play a similar role in the matter related to the state of medical colleges in the country,” the CJP told Ahsan.

At this point, Ahsan said, “A negative aspect of the lawyers’ movement then remains that judges became arrogant and lawyers, extremists.”

The CJP then replied that vanity was a sore and the death of a judge.  “If found in a judge, he or she will not remain a judge.”

Justice Nisar also urged the lawyers’ community to shun a practice of extremism in the name of protests.

“Why is there a strike in the court today?” the CJP asked Ahsan. “The lawyers are protesting over the Kasur incident,” Ahsan replied.

Adjourning the hearing of the case until next week, the CJP remarked, “Zainab is also our daughter and the lawyers must protest but a strike is unfair.”

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The situation in Kasur remained tense for the second day as the protest against rape and murder case of a minor continued on Thursday. The eight-year-old Zainab was found on raped and killed in the city, days after she had gone missing from her home.

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