IG police submits Kasur victim's autopsy report before SC

ISLAMABAD: The autopsy report of the minor who was raped and brutally killed in Kasur, has emerged. Report contains crucial details of the condition of minor girl’s body.

Inspector General (IG) Punjab police submitted a report in the case of rape and murder of the minor and informed the Supreme Court (SC) that so far, 227 persons have been interrogated in the case.

DNA in Kasur murder matches previous crimes

Trigger Warning: Report contains sensitive data. Please proceed at your own risk.

The medical examination was conducted by the Women Medical Center, and contains details of the victim’s body. Report states, “Anterior abdominal was greenish, tongue is protruding out from teeth. Hyoid bone (was) fractured, the muscles attached were congested with blood oozing from the neck muscles on dissection.”

“Eyes closed and mouth semi-opened (small amount of clotted blood in right nostril and on the lower lip,” the report continued.

“A large number of CCTV footages of various cameras installed on nearby roads/streets comprising of long hours of videos were worked out by deputing number of personnel. The IT team managed to work out video footage of unidentified suspect carrying abductee girl in a remote area of Peru Wala Road, Kasur,” the report read.

Rape, murder of 8-year-old shocks Pakistan

Along with details of the postmortem report, IG Punjab’s report also contained details of the measures being taken by Punjab police to trace the culprit.

“House to house search with help of last crime scene witness was carried out to identify the culprits,” the report read.

The eight-year-old girl was raped and killed in Kasur, days after she had gone missing from her home. She had gone missing five days prior to being found dead. The family and community took to the streets to protest after the horrific incident forcing all markets to shut down and the city to come to a standstill.

Express Tribune has a copy of IG’s report.





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